This jumbo Nintendo 3DS console is just that a super-sized edition of the existing Nintendo handheld.
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Nintendo Wii 3DS XL

If you like your portable gaming three-dimensional, clam-shelled and big, then Nintendo's 3DS XL fulfills those broad, unconventional requirements. It's a design refresh that more closely references both previous generations of DS hardware and the incoming Wii U all while touting a substantially bigger, 3D-capable, parallax-barrier screen.
The Nintendo DSi XL is probably not worth the upgrade if you already own a Nintendo DSi, because it’s essentially the same machine but, er, bigger. On the flipside, the DSi XL is only $20 more than the DSi, so if you’re in the market for a new gaming device for the kids, be sure to reach for this supersized model.
In terms of size the 3DS XL, when closed at least, is comparable to a PS Vita or the original Nintendo DSi XL.
Despite being larger than last year's 3DS though, the XL actually feels skinnier and far more comfortable than its predecessor. We found that the vanilla 3DS could cause our hands to ache after extended play, but thankfully this is far less of a problem with the XL model thanks to its more rounded edges.
The matte plastic finish means finger prints on the inside of the device are far less of a problem, although we don't think the XL looks any way near as good as the original Nintendo 3DS when closed. The metallic paint on the upside of the device simply isn't as sleek as last year's pint-sized portable, and if anything the XL looks a bit cheap in the comparison.
The Nintendo 3DS XL again features dual 0.3 megapixel cameras (the front-sided of which can take 3D snaps) and the glasses-free 3D effect on the top screen is controlled by a 3D slider, which this time around is slightly larger and requires a final 'click' to activate or turn off the effect, which is a nice addition.
The XL now features two 'lock points' which means users can now set their screen at fully open or half way - perfect for placing the device on a desk and using the stylus for touch gameplay.
This jumbo Nintendo 3DS console is just that a super-sized edition of the existing Nintendo handheld. The bigger screen is the main attraction, but as it's considerably heavier and doesn't offer a sharper picture, there's not much here to persuade 3DS owners to upgrade.

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