The Nintendo 2DS is a price-perfect handheld for anyone looking to play 3DS games without the 3D.
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Nintendo 2DS

The Nintendo 2DS is, well, a Nintendo 3DS without the 3D. It can still play 3DS games and DS games. As Nintendo tries to boost sales of its flagging Wii U with more price cuts, launching the newest member of the DS family at the same time as Pokemon X & Y and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is a shrewd move ahead of the looming festive period.
The 2DS performs like its more expensive predecessor, in most respects except for the absence of a 3D display. That’s where the perceived blackslide comes into play. Nintendo made much of the 3DS’ ability to provide glasses-free 3D visuals when it launched. Taking it out of the picture with the 2DS seems a pretty clear admission that the feature was little more than gimmick.
Regardless of what you think of Nintendo’s 3D efforts, you’d probably be hard-pressed to find an instance where you truly miss that feature on the 2DS. Nintendo has been humble enough to scrap their marquee 3D for users who don’t need it. It also offers up a significant dollar savings in exchange. Nintendo is not the type of reverse-course move you’ll often see from big companies mid product cycle.
The only other aspect of the 2DS’ performance that differs from Nintendo’s other handhels is in terms of battery life. The 2DS is rated at 3.5 to 5.5 hours of play time on 3DS titles, or 5 to 9 hours for DS games. That’s just slightly better than the 3DS, and just slightly worse than 3DS XL. In a woeld where people are used to 8 to 10 hours of play time on Ios AND Android tablets, those figures aren’t great but in practice and given the three days of standby energy time, it will actually doesn’t feel inadequate.
The 2DS plays all the games you would love to play. It cost a decent amount less than a 3DS, does a way with needless 3D, and despite weighing slightly more, actually feels like a more durable travel companion. Nintendo 2DS is ultimately a clever re-imagining of Nintendo’s current generation mobile hardware that should convince casual fans and fence-sitters that it’s finally time to take the plunge.

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