The Wii system supports wireless connectivity with the Nintendo DS without any additional accessories.
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The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (abbreviated WFC; Wi-Fi is short for Wireless Fidelity) is Nintendo's online match making service available for use by specifically designed games on a Nintendo system specifically designed to make use of the service. While the system itself is very capable as far as actual matches are concerned, the manner in which it was designed severely limits the creation of an online community. Currently, both the Nintendo DS and Wii make use of the system. The successor of the service is Nintendo Network.
The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection features a friend roster. In order for someone to add players to their friend roster, they must exchange a 12-digit ""friend code"" with the person they would like to add. There is a limit of up to 30 friends. This feature is present in all Nintendo Wi-Fi games for Wii. It is not possible to add players seen in a Worldwide or Regional match, as there is no text or voice chat in these modes. There are also players who have hacked the Wii console using the Homebrew Channel, and play the game online using cheat codes. These players are typically able to get an infinite amount of any item they wish, and they usually aim to unfairly win every race and/or constantly bombard all the other players with many powerful items. These kinds of hackers are typically frowned upon by most players, although there are other hackers who may give players various boosts and allow everyone to gain large amounts of VR. Nintendo has taken measures to ban hackers from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, by blacklisting them and causing them to receive error code 20102 upon trying to connect. However, hackers quickly found ways to circumvent the error code and continue playing online. A number of glitches have also arisen on many of the courses, most notably the Grumble Volcano glitch, in which a player can jump onto a rock on the course and circle it to finish the race very quickly. Most players choose to only use the glitch in Time Trials, although some players will attempt it in online play. There are also many shortcuts in the game that involve the use of glitches, such as one in Bowser's Castle that allows the player to save roughly seven seconds, by using a boost panel to go through a wall in different courses.
Nintendo wifi connection support random match ups but a few titles only allow online playing between users who have registered their respective friend codes.

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