Nintendo 3DS has an overall good features.
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Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Wii is one of game consoles that you’ll surely enjoy at home. This game console is widely known because of its unique features that everyone would totally love. Nintendo Wii has its own different version too.
Ever since the original DS, Nintendo has been using innovation to sell its consoles. With the DS it was a touch screen, while with the Wii it was motion control. Now the ‘next big thing’ is 3D. It’s in everything from our TVs like the Samsung D7000 to our laptops such as the impressive HP Envy 17 3D. However, one of the most frequent complaints about these methods for giving you that extra dimension are the glasses you have to wear to get the effect. So Nintendo has utilized a glasses-free 3D display to give its new portable console’s graphics extra depth without the eyewear, and called it the 3DS.
The basics of Nintendo’s successful clamshell design haven’t changed too much since the days of the original Game Boy Advance SP. With the original DS it gained in width to accommodate widescreen displays, with the DS Lite Nintendo slimmed things down and gave its portable those sleek lines that have helped it sell like hot cakes ever since. The evolutionary DSi didn’t mess with a successful formula and neither, essentially, does the 3DS.
Mind you, that’s very much a good thing; clamshells work for a reason. Most importantly, they protect the 3DS’ screens from dirt and scratches, meaning that a case is not required as it are for the Sony PSP. Another major advantage is that you can angle the main display to be comfortable for viewing while leaving the bottom half of the 3DS at an ergonomic angle for the controls. On the PSP you have to go for one or the other.
Despite the extra processing power in the 3DS, it’s virtually the same size as the DS and DSi. In fact, when they’re closed, these consoles can be a little hard to tell apart, with the main differentiator being the 3DS’ twin cameras instead of a single one on the DSi and none on the DS.
As usual for Nintendo, build quality is very solid. The 3DS feels like it can take most of the abuse many people subject portable consoles to without breaking; the plastics are strong and thick, while the hinge offers smooth action.
Mind you, as far as color choices go, both black and aqua are very attractive, and we wouldn’t be surprised if pink and white joined the party later in the 3DS’ life-cycle. Indeed, on its own merits, the 3DS is quite a good-looking console.

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