The DSi XL might simply be that the latest iteration.
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Nintendo Wii DSi XL?

The Nintendo DSi XL is the latest addition to the hugely successful Nintendo platform. Nintendo claims that the bigger screens make it easier to watch others play.
Nintendo has shown incredible aptitude. The platform has only existed in three principal hardware configurations ? the original DS, the DS Lite, and now the DSi with a number of special and limited edition aesthetic variations therein. While the original DS laid the groundwork for the handheld, it was the DS Lite that trimmed some of the device's fat and delivered a much-needed aesthetic upgrade. Now, with the DSi, Nintendo has tweaked the system once again with some stylistic and functional upgrades.
The Nintendo DSi's cameras were located on the inside hinge and right corner of the outer facing panel of the flip up screen. Both the inside and outside cameras feature predictably low 0.3 megapixel resolutions, which work effectively enough for both the DSi's first and third party software applications.
The DSi XL comes in Bronze and Burgundy styles, both of which include a thicker pen-type stylus, a regular stylus that fits in the side slot, and pre-loaded copies of Brain Age Express: Math, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, and Photo Clock.
Graphics-wise, Nintendo hasn't changed anything about the processor inside the DSi XL. You're getting the same resolution spread out over a larger area, which means more visible pixels. While disappointing, it's not like the DS had a pretty display to begin with. And it's even less of an issue when you consider how much more fun it is to play games on a big screen. Boot up any of your favorite DS games and you'll find yourself more involved in what’s going on, thanks to the bright, vibrant colors and the fact that there's just more to look at. The DSi XL trades portability and sleekness for a bigger screen, and it works wonderfully.
The DSi XL might simply be that the latest iteration until the next one comes along. As customers, it’s hard not to feel that we are directly involved in Nintendo R&D process, that the company sometimes releases products just to see if they catch on with customers.

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